VISSION website use for direct selling and website is use for online shopping. The are two different websites for work, as a direct seller the same user name and password use in both websites. And there are get commission on both website selling product as the company business module.

RVLCARE is create a positive environment and for everyone because the is an association of positive thinker. They do works with each other as team and as a family member. Everyone knows that RVLCARE company sale the product by Direct Selling and Online Shopping for daily needs and many more. The company clear vision is fulfilling every person product requirement by distribution point and door to door delivery. The clear vision is Consume -> Promote -> Earn

Today’s a poor and middle class family do not survive in modern life because of inflation. Now RVLCARE give a great opportunity, powerful support system and special training programs. Company has great leaders and trainers for training of sales, direct selling, and e-commerce.

Now success is waiting for you RVLCARE provide a modern Marketing Plan for direct selling to success everyone.

E-Commerce Portal

RVLCARE Provide the multi brand online shopping portal for everyone. There is maximum branded unbranded product available here as for different category which fulfill every need of consumers. There is an open platform for Wanders’ to join this website freely and update our product for sale. However, company do not charge money for consumer registration there are absolutely free. You know that company provide the facility to promote and sale the product through website you can earn more and more money as per company policy. You can create a consumer based team and every person create a consumer based team. If any person shopping on this website there are company get the commission as for promotion.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." -- Chris Grosser

The Future of Online Shopping in India

India’s e-commerce market is ready to hit $76 billion by 2021 from $13.6 billion in 2014, according to e-Tailing India. However, business models are frequently changing, which brings more innovative promotion, complex delivery systems, dynamic pricing, and sale. This way, distribution channels are going forward. An entrepreneurial ecosystem has been evolved and capturing the mass market in India. There are considerable challenges in the Indian market and such an ecosystem making e-retailing more straightforward and ready for better services.

Advantages of Online Shopping

1. The online marketplace has a site to showcase available products and simple site navigation.

2. A buyer who has a credit card, debit card, net banking, and electronic wallet can purchase a product from these sites. Almost every big online retailer offers cash of delivery options.

3. Buyers have more options to pick the product by comparing them with other products.

4. An online marketplace can be open 24x7x365, even on public holidays.

5. There is no queue in the online marketplace. You can buy products in a few clicks. Which means you can save time to enjoy your life.

6. You can avail a huge discount using discount coupons and deals. Not every retail outlet offers a discount when you need it. But many online sites offer discount coupons and best deals.

7. Online marketplaces want to keep their loyal customers, so they regularly update you with exclusive discount offers and deals.

Consumers are an addict to online shopping due to the above advantages. The electronic fund transfer facility is helping hand and giving exponential growth to e-commerce services.